13 May, 2012

Informative Purposes...List of Stories Published with Links

     I decided to make a list of my stories that are published up to this point.  Each story will have a link to it, in case you want to read it, bookmark it, or throw things at me.  I figured this would be easier for people to find them, as opposed to fighting through the timeline on Facebook to find my random postings.

     In no particular order:

Would You Say I Do? - http://www.short-story.me/science-fiction-stories/353-would-you-say-i-do.html

How Exactly Do I Get Out of Here? - http://www.short-story.me/fantasy-stories/438-how-exactly-do-i-get-out-of-here.html

Now, Where is the Off Switch? - http://www.digitaldragonmagazine.net/lasanich-nowwhereistheoffswitch.php

Now What Does that Button Do? - http://www.digitaldragonmagazine.net/lasanich-nowwhatdoesthat.php

Why Didn't They Clean that Up? - http://www.staticmovement.com/whydidnttheycleanthatup.htm

One Last Day - This is the only story that is not online anywhere.  Sadly, the magazine it was published in folded as well.  I will repost it to blog once I see if it is accepted to an anthology or not.

     And that does it for now.  I am back to working on new stuff and have a couple more stories out for submissions.