16 June, 2011

Side Step...Updating the Universes

     I know that not much has been going on with my writing as of late.  For this I want to apologise to everyone.  I have been busy and moody, dealing with a host of Life's problems.  The biggest one had centered on my situation at the radio station I worked at for 13 years.  I was not sure what would happen after the sale actually happened.  The winds are shifting my sailboat as I now know my last night onair at 90.5 WDUQ is going to be the 28th into the 29th of June.  I am trying to find a radio gig somewhere in the area now.  I hope I hear something soon.

     In the last 45 days I also managed to totally trash my computer.  I lost everything, including all my stories.  It is taking some work, but things are getting recovered, so I will have all my current writing back.  I thought some of it would be lost to the echoes of time, but happily that is not the case.

     I have been struggling through a rewrite as well.  A story I have high hopes for has been frustrating me beyond the capacity to reason.  People gave me a variety of responses on it, all of them questioning my sanity and sentence structure.  Finally, I called on the ultimate authority in help:  My old English teacher.  I think he has set me right, it is just taking time.

     In short I am still here.  The factory of my imagination has been offline for a bit.  But with the wind changing directions and things finally resolving, I will be back to my usual.  New writing will appear soon.  I do have a story, 'One Last Day' due for publication in July, both online and in print.

     Now, to avoid those clowns in the clean white coats...