11 March, 2010

Side Step...Looking Around

(I want to point out that the inspiration for doing this comes from reading Elizabeth Fulton's blog entry about today. You can find it through this link: http://bethsrants-raves.blogspot.com/2010/03/optimism-and-fresh-air.html Thanks for writing something so pleasant Beth my dear.)

So it is a seriously sunny day, feeling much like Spring. It has been nice these last couple of days, but today is different.

I fix the poor battered mailbox that got wiped out last month by a snow plow. Perhaps this summer I will replace it entirely, considering this mailbox is older than all Hell, and looks the part. And in my memory, it is the second time it has been taken out by a snow plow. The last time being 17 years ago.

I spend some time on the phone, smoking and soaking up the sun. I manage to talk to several people and run myself out of smokes in the process. I even learn a few things in the course of chatting.

I spend some time staring off into space and the sun, watching wispy cirrus clouds overhead. I also follow the airplanes taking off, since they are close by.

I realise why it is different today in a suddenness. I am actually able to enjoy it.

No distractions. No job. No screaming aliens.

Nothing to stop me from enjoying it. Just Time.

I never thought being unemployed would actually be that good of a thing. My Life consists of running, always running. Never one to sit that idle, I have always managed to find something to do, or been working. Accomplishing both those at the same instant of Time marks a crowning achievement of sorts.

It is warm to me, and causing me to melt as my body is still geared for cold. I have been chased by flying stinging insects. I know it is going to rain tonight and tomorrow, and that I may need a boat to get around to the places I need to go.

Despite all the above...

I am going to be thankful that I was able to enjoy a spring feeling like day once again with no hassle, no job, no screaming aliens...nothing at all. Truthfully, forgot what it was like to enjoy something simple had I.

I am heading back outside. If you read this today, the 11th day of March, 2010 I suggest you do the same.

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