04 January, 2010

Side Step...2010: Odyssey Two

Standing amid the falling snow, I realised three things immediately:

First, it was damn cold. And I was not wearing a coat.

Second, that I had entered another decade.

Third, that it was the year of a favourite movie of mine.

Once these revelations appeared, and I realised I was freezing, I began to think more.

It has been an interesting nearly six months. Between getting laid off, chasing something new to believe in, trying to quit smoking, and my old friends Chaos and Insanity, that times have changed. I am still trying to decide if they have changed for the better or not.

So as the new year begins, I find myself at something of a crossroads once more. I am just not sure where this is going to end up. It is indeed a worrisome endevour to say the least.

Until I remember something simple: Life is but a grand adventure. Therein, lies the true beauty of it all.

So yay it is 2010. It is another marker in a long and checkered career of Chaos and Insanity. And this Time, thanks to a couple of helping hands, I am not starting it off the wrong way.

More writing is on the way. As a favourite character of mine once put it, I am full of ideas, bursting with them.

Now, if the bloody snow would stop.

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