10 November, 2009

Side Step...Four days of insanity

I had originally wanted to do some serious writing this weekend. I have a brand new story I am working on that I wanted to do significant work on.

Instead, this is what happened. The reason for telling you all this, it is good for a laugh.

Friday: A day like any other. I woke up at my customary late as usual. I kicked around with my father and what not.

Then came the hockey game. I headed off to it, stopping at Paul's to fill the water bottles for him since he was running late and April (His wife) was not home either. He arrived, and after surviving another assault of the Indy dog, off I went.
Knowing we were facing Team Blue, I knew this was going to be a low scoring defensive battle. We got rolling and away we played. As predicted, the game had a low score, ending in a 1-1 tie. It was a well played game on both teams parts as usual, forcing us into a shoot out.
The shootout turned into the world's longest. No one could score on either Paul (Our team, Lunatic Cafe, goalie) or Tommy (Team Blue's goalie) Both sides worked down through the rosters sending people out. And for the first time in history, I wound up having to take a shot in a shoot out.
I play defense. I haven't scored a goal in years.
And there I was, thinking desperately about what to do. I knew I could not do what Paul and I discussed in the unusual event I should find myself doing this, as the deck condition sucked.
So making it up as I went, I went on my merry way, coming down straight before veering to the left. At the last second, I swung my stick over the ball and made a backhand shot.
Had my aim been better it would have went in. I barely missed though, which made me smile, figuring I would miss by about three miles. I missed seeing Tommy kiss the post. (We did lose the game in the shootout sadly.)

The game featured another casualty: My ass. I managed to lose my footing and land square on my ass. If I hadn't damn near busted my tailbone back in January 1997 (Playing deck hockey, imagine that) I wouldn't make much mention of it. As it was I now found myself in a world of pain. Before you ask, yes I did play the game through. I never said I was bright. :-)

Saturday: I started early, getting up at 9am. I headed out to my brothers house, knowing I was hurt pretty good. The mission for the day, get insulation in his attic. Forward, not, look to, I.
Spending three hours in his attic netted me some blackened clothes, hands, and face from the dust, a brief scare from potential proximity to asbestos, (There was none in the old insulation thankfully.) and more pain to add to the collection. Sadly, we only got half done so the adventure continues.

After eating a capital lunch, I returned to home. Napping, I awoke and got ready to head to Paul and April's house. Paul and I do video production work (www.nevideogroup.com , we do anything practically.) and all the editing gear is in the basement. So after limping myself down the stairs and not getting assaulted by Indy the dog, (He is a very energetic puppy who jumps. He is not trying to eat my hide or use me as a chew toy. I am too fatty. :-) the work got done.

All in all a quiet night and day, leading into...

Sunday: The hockey game at 9am arrived bright and too early as always. Rex, our captain and leader, as well as Mike, my normal defensive partner learned the details of Friday's game. This provided some fun entertainment for all. I did not play all that much during the game, which proved a good thing. We won this one, and away I ran to head home to hose off before work.

Work itself passed uneventfully. Sundays are generally like that, which always counts as a good thing.

Running right out of work, I landed at the board meeting for the Pittsburgh Savoyards. Being a member of the board, I could bore you to death with details. Whilst mean, I would pass out myself recounting the whole thing. I shall leave it at long.

Sitting at home and contemplating bed, my phone rang. Looking at it, I found myself to be surprised by the identity of the caller. Answering, I found a friend in dire distress. I jumped in the old Red Horse Cav (My Chevy Cavalier) and took off to check on my friend. I wound up talking with them til about 2:30am. Glad to of been a help, they went to bed and I went home.

I slept badly, leading into...

Monday: Waking up late, I ran to the store with my father and then came home with a nap on my mind. And nap I did, getting up at 6pm with a plan of things. Things like running to the bank, cleaning up some stuff in the basement dad was bitching about, taking out the trash and heading to work.

Once awake, I received an urgent call. A priority One call that actually was a Two. Marching to the bathroom, I parked to deal with said 'Two'.
It must have been the event of the century. The toilet turned up clogged.
So away I go at it with the plunger. And away, and away, and away.
Still clogged.
An hour of fighting passes.
Still clogged.
Next thing I know, water is coming from under the bloody toilet. This gets dear old dad involved.
Within seconds, his 'old hick powers' have found the cause: A busted bolt holding the toilet down. With screaming and yelling, it is off to the Home Despot we go.
Returning, we fight over how we are going to do this. I learn that the seal on the bottom is going to have to be replaced in this misadventure.
Sparing the gross details, the deed is done. Much yelling and cursing were involved in the making of this one, not to mention power toilet lifting. And off course my ass again hurts. (And no those of you more sick minded than I, it was not the trip to the toilet for the 'event'. The sitting and what not from fixing the mess did the trick.)
The funny part of this: The toilet was still clogged. I laughed and went to work. (It unclogged itself later)

In conclusion, only one thing presents itself.

It started as a pain in the ass and ended there.

You may resume normal Life. The bleach for your brains is in the bottom drawer. :-)

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