24 October, 2009

Side Step...When the Wind Blows

It is a lovely Fall day that I find myself in. I was outside for a bit listening to the wind. I enjoyed it immensely, especially all the leaves blowing all over the yard.

Finding myself bemused and out of sorts I returned indoors. After reading some quick news headlines, and a couple of stories, I cast about for something to do. Then I saw what the date was today.

Today is the 24th of October.

What is so special about this day? In and of itself, nothing I can think of.

The reason I mention it is because I had lost track of time. It is amazing how easy it is to do. I have found myself quite lost on where I am at in a week quite often while not working full time. It made me think about how structured we make our lives. An odd notion, one occurring only once my day lost being at work for eight hours.

It was while I was thinking this that another thought occurred to me. Three months plus change prior I received the shoe from my last full time employer. And by shoe I mean laid off.

I had never been laid off in 15 years of working. Fired yes...walked out on my own two feet from a job yes as well. I remember the day clearly. Shock, anger and the grim satisfaction of knowing I called it happening fought for supremacy that day. In the end, I kept my tongue and managed to walk out with dignity.

On the downhill side of three months with no full time job, the sights and sounds roll on. Through the wonders of social networking sites, I have seen friends attempt to get jobs. Interviews aplenty occur, but nothing in the form of a callback happens it seems. In my attempts to find work, I find myself in full agreement with an article on another blog, The Bread Line Blog, written by my friend Amanada. (Goto: http://thebreadlineblog.blogspot.com/2009/10/one-if-by-mail-two-if-by-e-mail.html for the full read and excellent writing. I wish I wrote that good.)

So ponderment arrives unbidden: The Future and what of it?

I find no answers in my thought. I am not sure any of us do. But try we do and keep rolling and running and perhaps screaming for good measure.

Perhaps we are all akin to the wind. Just blowing around and picking things up as we go.

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